Published December 18, 2016

Design and Construction Updates


  • We are closer to getting our building permit as various departments at the City have signed off on the permit. Meetings are scheduled within the next week with the Bureau of Planning as well as Bureau of Transportation.
  • The contractor has been able to focus on interior demolition including removal of the carpets in the sanctuary and social room. The altar has been demolished and ceiling paneling has been removed.
  • A temporary wall will be built inside the main hallway of the school that will enclose construction of the new kitchen area.
  • The pew representative from New Holland Manufacturing Company met with the architect, contractor and building committee this past week to go over the design of our new pews. A mock pew will be sent to us by January for parishioners to view and provide input.
  • We are collaborating with Delta Sound Company in terms of our new sound system in the sanctuary.  
  • We will see the contractor mobilizing their trailer on site by New Year’s.
  • Please keep the parking spaces closest to the front door of the school wing accessible for handicap parking. Thank you!
  • Over the next month we will work on and communicate our construction schedule with specific milestone dates that need to be achieved as far as progress in the church and social room. We are still looking at a September dedication of our new church space.
  • Safety is a very important aspect of this project. We ask that people do not go beyond the fenced area that surrounds our church and social room. As we move forward in the project a few months down the road, the Contractor will provided guided tours at specified times for those interested in monitoring progress. In the meantime, please check the bulletin board in the hallway for photos and progress reports.

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